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Program Highlights

  • No Fees! Everyone is eligible to receive pharmacy discounts through our cards or coupons. This program can be used to supplement most health insurance plans including Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and High Deductible Plans. It can also be used as a Medicare Part D Supplement by providing discounts on medications that are not covered (non-covered drugs).
  • No Applications or Enrollment Forms! There are absolutely no restrictions. There are no enrollment forms to fill out, no age or income requirements, no wait time, no eligibility requirements, no exclusions, no claim forms to file, no annual or lifetime limits. It even covers pre-existing conditions!
  • Lowest Price Logic! This program has Lowest Price Logic to guarantee that you get the best pricing on prescriptions (Card holders pay the lower of a discount off Average Wholesale Price-AWP, discount off MAC Pricing, or Pharmacy Promotional/Retail price). You can save up to 75% on your medications (average savings are roughly 30%)!
  • Open Formulary! All medications are eligible for discount with Pain Therapy Rx Card. Yes, that includes discounts on brand name and generic medications.
  • Accepted Nationwide! The Erectile Dysfunction Prescription Medication Discount Coupons and Pharmacy Cards are pre-activated and accepted at over 68,000 pharmacies around the country including most major chains.
  • Completely Confidential! No personal information is required to obtain a card or coupon. No personal information is collected on processed prescriptions.

Frequently Asked Questions

EDRxSavings.com is partnered with companies that negotiate discounts directly with the pharmacies on over 20,000 name brand and generic medications. These discounts are then passed directly on to cardholders.

The Erectile Dysfunction Rx Medication Savings Program has no requirements. Unlike insurance programs, there is no income, age, pre-existing condition, deductible, or waiting period restrictions. The program is designed to help patients nationwide who do not have prescription drug coverage or who have coverage but are subject to large deductibles, large co-pays, formulary limitations, dosing limitations, gaps, and/or any cash out-of-pocket expenses.

The Erectile Dysfunction Rx Medication Savings Program is absolutely FREE. We provide this service to every American that wishes to save on their prescription prices. There are no premiums or deductibles associated with this program whatsoever. Printable cards and coupons are available free of charge from our website.

All FDA approved brand name and generic prescription medications are covered. Use our medication pricing tool to search for your prescription.

  1. Select a pharmacy: the Erectile Dysfunction Rx Medication Savings Card is valid at over 68,000 network pharmacy locations nationwide. In most cases, your current pharmacy will be part of our network.
  2. Submit your prescription: Present your prescription to the pharmacist. If you need to transfer a prescription, bring your empty prescription bottle or label with you to the pharmacy.
  3. Present your Erectile Dysfunction Rx Medication Savings Card: Your card's unique code provides the pharmacist with the appropriately discounted prescription price. The price on the prescription is based on the pharmacy's contracted agreement with EDRxSavings.com and our partners.
  4. You Save: Your savings will be clear once the pharmacist enters your filled prescription into the register. Whether the lowest discount price is the Erectile Dysfunction Rx Medication Savings Program price, your present insurance program's price, or the pharmacy's already discounted price, you are GUARANTEED to receive the LOWEST price available!

We have a constantly expanding list of over 68,000 participating major chain pharmacies and local pharmacies nationwide. Use the Pharmacy Locator to see if your pharmacy is in our network. We have also provided a list of participating pharmacies.

The discounted price may vary by as much as 75% depending on the drug and the pharmacy discount rate contracted with the Erectile Dysfunction Rx Medication Savings Program While pharmacy prices may vary from week-to-week and by the geographic location, the patient is guaranteed the lowest price available regardless of whether it is the Erectile Dysfunction Rx Medication Savings Program price, your present insurance program's price, or the pharmacy's already discounted price.

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This is not a medicare prescription drug plan. Program is privately supported.
This is not a government run/affiliated/funded program. Discounts are only available at participating pharmacies.
This program/card is a drug coupon. THIS IS NOT INSURANCE. More Info